Antimicrobials: Behaviour & Cognition Network


The Antimicrobials: Behaviour and Cognition Network is a global community of interdisciplinary researchers with a joint vision of tackling antimicrobial resistance through behavioural science approaches. Our endeavours centre around comprehending the cognitive and behavioural mechanisms of human overreliance on antibiotics, as well as identifying and testing theoretically grounded strategies for improving antibiotic decisions and related behaviour. Our ambition is to develop evidence-based, behavioural recommendations for national and international guidelines and policies around antibiotic use.

The ABC Network offers a hub of research excellence, which is fostered through regular research meetings, a joint newsletter and active project collaborations. We provide a home for behavioural scientists with interests in the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance and help to make connections with researchers from clinical disciplines.

Our research spans a wide range of target populations including patients, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals and the general public. We also combine various methodological expertise, including using behavioural games, cognitive measurements, psychometric assessment, computational modelling, and qualitative approaches. The ABC Network has a global outlook and commitment, which is reflected in ongoing projects of international research including Low and Middle-Income Countries.